Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Potty Training

I don't think there is anything I dread more than potty training. I hate feeling like my life revolves around the toilet. All you start to talk about is pee and poop and all that does is gross me out. So on Thursday, February 21st (I know late as usual) Logan kept trying to poop in his diaper. I kept catching him do it and so I kept putting him on the potty. The second time around he was sitting there for a few minutes and went pee pee. He was so excited that he jumped off and had to get on his big boy underwears. After that he kept dropping his drawers and running into our bathroom (apparently the only one he will use). I then started thinking what have I done? My sister Kim was coming into town in 3 days and I was supposed to be running around to get things ready to throw her a surprise 30th birthday party. Anyway, we ended up staying home and practicing our new skill. So here we are almost 2 weeks later and it's time for our setback. Logan has done so awesome. Granted we have had a few accidents, but for the most part he loves being a big boy and showing off his Nemo and Buzz Lightyear underpants. Kim and I even drove over to Los Angeles last week for a few days and he didn't have a single accident in the car. And for 2 days with Grandma Franks he only had one little half accident. Now here we are and by 8:30 this morning we have pooped in our pants twice and peeped 3 times. Oh what a day. This too shall pass right?