Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beach 2009

Slade loved posing for pictures in all the trees around.
Our little beach babe! She could live at the ocean all day every day.

Slade's favorite beach buddy (Papa)!

Slade and Gia playing with the sand crabs.
Collin and Alexis could spend the day boogie boarding...

It sure is nice seeing your kids working together and getting along
(especially when it doesn't happen that often!)

I begged and pleaded and invited myself along with my parents to the beach this summer. They go to Carlsbad twice a year and the first week they took Collin and Alexis and the second week me and the kids joined in. With the heat being unberable in AZ in the summer it was all I could do to get out of dodge permanently.

The week was so much fun living at the pool and beach all day every day. We even drove down to La Jolla and watched the seals and looked for crabs. And of course went to San Diego and ate at Anthony's on the water. YUM! It was so hard to come home especially knowing that school was going to start the day after we got back. At least we enjoyed it while it lasted!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Logan

What a sweetheart! Logan is by far our most challenging child, but at the same time our most loveable (at least this week.) Actually we just feel that Logan is just plain full of life. He is by far our least shy child and such a ball of fire sometimes. He wants everyone to know he is now 4 and doesn't hesitate to tell anyone his name. Logan hates to sleep and tries everything he can to stay up and party. He is also usually the first one up in the morning and when he's up he thinks everyone should be up too. (VERY frustrating, and no one but Paul and I seem to complain!)

Logan also LOVES going to "Big" primary. He sits in the front row and sings his little heart out. He has been begging to go to big school like Collin and Alexis and can't stop asking if his turn is tomorrow.