Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pizza Time

We as a family LOVE pizza. If you ask the kids what they want it's usually pizza and we could never have it often enough (not very good for mom's waistline though). Anyway, for Alexis' birthday the girls were going to make homeade pizza so we decided to buy premade dough from a supply warehouse that's some friends told us about who supplies the same dough to The Cheesecake Factory and California Pizza Kitchen. Well, Paul was so excited with this find (something like 80 dough balls for only about $24 I think) that we are now having family pizza nights. Of course the kids are in heaven. On our first night they all got to make their own and they had a blast being so helpful. Of course now we have done it a few times and Paul has really perfected his art that it really does taste great. Now we can't wait to build a pizza oven in our backyard someday like our neighbors have so we won't have to smoke out the house anymore! The trick we have found is the oven on 500 degrees with a good pizza stone. Yumm-O!!

Anyone need some lotion?

Logan LOVES lotion. Every time he sees a bottle of lotion or someone with lotion he wants some. And we can never seem to have soft enough skin either. He will keep putting more and more on until you take it away. Well, the other day we hadn't seen Logan for awhile and Paul went to find him and this is what we got. He had stripped down when I guess he saw an unattended Eucerin jar (of course the extra thick cream) and had covered himself from head to toe in it. I enclosed the edited picture, but instead of being in trouble we couldn't stop laughing. It took us forever to finally get it all rubbed in. Way to go buddy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Slade is 1

Oh My Goodness!!! I really can't believe my itty bitty baby is 1. The end of sweet innocence are fading quickly. He is wonderful and we all love him to pieces. Coming out at a lovely 9 pounds 2 ounces, the little scrawny man is just 20 pounds now at a full year old. He is truly the happiest baby. He has been crawling since 6 months and now is already walking. Certainly a much more advanced baby than the other three. On Sunday Grandma Franks was here so we invited Mama and Papa over too to do a grandparents birthday celebration. Mama made him a little cake that he was all too UNinterested in. He touched it a little and made a couple of attempts to lick his fingers, but mostly it just made him mad that after a few minutes he just wanted it to go away so he was trying his best to throw it on the floor. Then, today was filled with wonderful fun adventures for the little man. He had a yummy breakfast of baby cereal and yogurt. Then we got to go visiting teaching and then home for a quick hour power nap. Mama called and asked if Slade would like to go out for lunch to NYPD pizza. Of couse since he is such an adventurous eater I brought along some more baby cereal and a jar of baby food. I did try and put a tiny piece of pizza in his mouth, but it just came right back out and he wouldn't buy me trying to do it again. Then we headed over to the mall where grandma bought him a brand new pair of sandals to run around in. Yeah for being the 3rd boy in a row and having something new! Then some running around to get girls from school, off to dance and then home again for some birthday purreed baby food and cereal again for dinner. I sure feel like a good mom, but what do you do when the kid won't eat real food and when he tries he just pukes it up. I will say though that we have started on Ritz crackers and Graham crackers and we are starting to get most of them in without throwing them up. Anyway, we love the little guy and are so glad Mister Happy is in our lives. Let's just hope he stays my sweet baby forever!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Alexis 7th Birthday

Where does the time go? I think I say that every year, but I even tried to say I was only 30 the other day (ha, ha) make that almost 35 unfortunately. Alexis is now 7 and of course all we keep talking about is that she only has one more year until she is baptized. She can't wait. I also can't believe that time is going to once again fly. She is amazing and beautiful and caring and loving (and of course her moments of pure stinker!), but I wouldn't trade her for anything. This year for her birthday she luckily only had to invite about 20 friends. Driving home from dance I would ask her and her friend Kamryn what we shold do and they kept saying a dance party. Kamryn was really excited about planning all the types of dances we were going to have and the food we should have too. It ended up with the girls making pizza, ice cream sundaes and then dancing the night away. Of course it mainly ended up with the girls running around all night screaming at the top of their lungs giving the few of us adults there a headache. Oh well, it was utter chaos and we made a huge mess, but they supposedly had a blast. I even had my mom make them cute aprons to wear and they all looked so professional.


Can't believe it!!! Our little whiner (Collin) has mastered the two-wheeled bike! He is amazing....We still can't believe that for a boy he sure whines a lot. But, now that he has his cool new bike he refuses to ride it with the training wheels. We told him if he practiced on Alexis' old one (even though it was a GIRL bike) dad would take off the training wheels. I guess since Alexis and the two neighbor girls can do it he has to be like the big kids. So I got out there and ran up and down the street with him and within a matter of minutes he was doing awesome. Then we started having contests for him to get on it by himself and then go to the end of the street and turn around by himself. Anyway, within a couple of days we rode all the way down to Blockbuster and to get ice cream (a mile away) and he was able to go the whole way with no problem and was already up for doing it again the next day too. What a stud!