Sunday, December 28, 2008

Family Pictures 2008

So I finally forced everyone to do it...We haven't had "professional" family pictures done since Alexis was 3 and now that we are done having kids I bit the bullet. Since becoming addicted to blogland I found Wendy Whitacre from Blue Lily Photography who was friends with Stephanie Nielson and did her pictures. I was in love with what she did and wanted the same for us. So when I found out she was coming to Arizona to do pictures for people here I got lucky and booked a time for us to get them done. Well, I just received the disk and thought I would post a few...Sorry to bore you all, but thought our families would want to see.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker

Alexis with Mama and Papa
(She's the one on the far right)
Alexis and her friend Georgia

Last night Alexis had the opportunity to dance in the Nutcracker Ballet that was put on by the Moscow Ballet. She had to be there for rehearsal from 12:30 until 5, but when we arrived we found out that the bus broke down and they weren't there yet. I waited around for about an hour before deciding to leave and get some things done. When My mom and dad and I came back to get her we found out the bus had just arrived and they just started rehearsals. So instead of Grandpa taking her out for dinner they ordered the girls pizza. I asked if she was ok and needed anything and she was just sitting there so good in the front row watching all the ballerinas in awe shaking her head no. She was grinning from ear to ear about her pretty white dress she was going to get to wear and was so excited - she was a snowflake in the snow fairy scene.
Every time she dances she is obsessed with being in the "Finale", well this time the show didn't dissappoint. All the dancers came out in each group and the little snowflakes were last so therefore right in the front. And my little Alexis was the one on the end holding hands with the lead male dancer - THE Nutcracker! We asked how she got so lucky and she said all the other girls were too shy to go first so she did. Well, yay for her! Thanks dad for a really fun evening!
(I tried and tried to upload her part, but it would never go through. Darn!)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is there a Santa Clause?

For those with young kids who like to read people's blogs please censor.....

So Alexis comes home from school the other day telling me that her friend Bailey doesn't believe in Santa. Well, this is the time of year in school where they are learning about all different types of holidays, etc. so I ask does she celebrate Hanukkah? She says, "No mom she celebrates Christmas she just doesn't believe in Santa." So I drop the subject.

Well, then she comes home yesterday and asks, "Mom, are you Santa?" I say, "Do I look like Santa?" So we go back and forth with tell me the truth mom, do you dress up like Santa, does dad? At this point I am sooo upset! My daughter is only 7 and this perfect world of life is wonderful and the holidays are magical, etc. etc. can not end already. She has always acted older/bigger than she is,. but I am not ready for my little one to ruin Christmas! (Mainly for me!)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

Yesterday we were invited up to our friends Stacey and Gary to make Gingerbread houses. We met them while living in D.C. Stacey and I were in the same singles ward before meeting our husbands and then being in the same married ward together. Both Paul and Gary are converts to the church and even yesterday Paul mentioned how even when you don't see them in awhile it's like picking up where you left off like it was no big deal. They are wonderful people and very giving. To think they finally moved here almost two years ago and we haven't seen them in over a year. Granted they live ALL THE WAY up in Paradise Valley, but that's no excuse right? We love them and always have a fun time getting together.

Anyway, while Stacey and I were in the Colonial Ward together she was in charge of making the gingerbread houses for our Super Saturday. Let's just say I was hooked. What's Christmas without a Gingerbread House? Not to mention she has been doing them for over 30 years with her family so they have the system down. She has the perfect little template and her gingerbread is out of this world good (and for those of you who know I am a picky cook, you know it has to be good!)

Stacey made enough gingerbread houses for our whole family (me included) and another family and the kids had a blast. Alexis, "Miss Crafty", couldn't have been more pleased adding to her house for hours. She was in love with Stacey and was always having her help add the special touches.

Thanks Stacey (and Gary) for a fabulous day!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Family Hike

My brother Dave and his family came into town for Thanksgiving this year and with the weather being so wonderful I thought it would be fun to be outdoors and go hiking. My brother Steve told us about a hike out in Gold Canyon that would be easy enough for all the kids to do so we set off on Saturday morning. After the rain Thursday and Friday the weather was so nice on Saturday and we all had a great time. There were 10 adults and 16 kids and even 2 dogs. Most of the kids did so great and would even run back and forth up and down the trail. At the end of the trail there is a great spot to see some hieroglyphics left by the Indians and some rocks to lay back and relax on (while making sure your kids aren't sliding/falling down the mountain!) It was fun being with family and we only missed having my sister Kim and her family with us!