Monday, November 16, 2009


I am horribly behind on blogging with many posts left incomplete. I seem to either live on my computer "working" or at my craft table "working". It seems as if nothing is ever complete and I am falling way behind on all that I need to do. In the midst of the holidays creeping closer and closer every day I find that if I don't take a moment each day to find the joy and happiness in my life it too may slip right by.

Every day I take at least a few minutes to "blog hop" and am continually inspired by what I find. I am grateful for those who inspire me (most of whom I have never even met). The most important thing I have found lately are posts on gratitude. I found this link which is fabulous and thought I would share. Before the Christmas season starts to consume us let's all take some time each day to remember all that we are thankful for.