Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Slade

Our littlest is 2. What a big boy he is! (Well, not really since he is so skinny.) He is also our blondest one and our only thumb sucker. He is such a joy and absolutely loves his big brothers and sister. He is obsessed with his "snuggle time" with dad every night and wants absolutely nothing to do with mom (even though she is trying to get back in the game). He is such a giggler and loves to laugh. Driving around town Logan always has him giggling like crazy. He is also obsessed with the hose. We must have to go out there and turn it off about 30 times a day. He is always playing with legos, but wants to have them apart so is always coming up to mom saying "help." Is is such a sweet boy and we love him to pieces.

I also told myself that since I hate potty training (especially boys) I wasn't going to do it until he was 3. Well, every now and again he wakes up in the morning with a dry diaper and sometimes after his nap. So, last week I started putting him on the potty when I can catch him and know he probably will go. Anyway, I am not trying too hard, but he will sit on it at least once a day and go. I have definately NEVER had a kid this easy. Now maybe when I get around to being serious about it he will be easy.

T-Ball Season 2009

This year I very accidentally signed Paul up to be the coach of Collin's T-Ball team. Honestly I don't know how it happened. Well, it turned out to be a great year. Collin had so much fun and was really into it. And with Paul being the coach it was easier to let Logan think he was on the team too. We never let him play in the game, but we had an extra t-shirt and hat for him and he was able to practice with the big boys. We're not quite sure how we're supposed to tell him he still doesn't get to play for 2 more years. (You have to be 5 by April to play in Little League and his birthday isn't until July). We also had a great group of kids (and parents) on our team. Quite a few of the dads were always around to help out at practices and games. And now that Paul has the hang of it let's hope that next year is just as great. Go Rockhounds!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Alexis' Baptism

Last Saturday, May 2nd, Alexis was baptized. It was such a wonderful day and we were glad for the friends and family that came to share in the experience with her. My mom has been teaching the kids piano lessons and a few months ago Alexis said she wanted to learn "I Am A Child of God" on the piano to play at her baptism. She was nervous to play while people sang so we had her play it through as the introduction then had all the primary kids that showed up sing. It was so wonderful to have all the kids there to participate and be such good sports. She thought she would be so scared, but ended up not being scared at all. It was a wonderful day and we are so proud of her and her decision to be baptized. Now we have to make sure we work on always "Choosing the Right" (everyone included!)