Monday, April 21, 2008


I am so behind that I am a little out of order here. Easter this year was so fun for the kids. On Saturday we went to Grandma and Grandpa's annual ward easter egg hunt. Last year Collin was so shy and wouldn't run out and get the eggs. (Of course then it was all over and they were all gone before he realized that he didn't have any). This year they all had fun running around gathering baskets full of eggs then decorating sugar cookies and blowing bubbles. Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to dye Easter eggs. Sunday was a great day at church then back to Grandma and Grandpa's house for lunch/dinner and more Easter egg hunting with the cousins. The kids sure have fun hanging out with the "cousins" and playing outside at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Collin is 5-March 24th

WOW time flies!! I can't believe baby number 2 is finally 5. He is so excited to start kindergarten and keeps asking every day if he gets to go. To think he started out such a shy little boy. When he first started to go to nursery at church he would scream (literally) for the entire time. We would have to sit in there with him and he would hang onto us the whole time and barely play. Now if you know him he is almost the class clown. He is the one in Primary raising his hand for every question. Even at the Primary program his class did sign language and he was up there doing the actions like it was his second language. Collin is such a joy to us (yes he can be a little whiny sometimes), but he is so smart and such a good brother and friend. It is so nice to see how kids grow up and you finally realize that they know how to play together and be friends and help eachother out. And for his birthday Grandpa made him a baseball cake. Grandpa has a new hobby (for the last year anyway) where he makes homemade ice cream birthday cakes. Collin was so excited and it was nice that the whole family was able to get together to celebrate this year.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

T-Ball Season 2008

Well, baseball has begun. Paul is in heaven to have his first son start off playing the best sport known to man! Collin is such a cutie. The little boys out on the field are actually doing well and trying hard. Of course a lot of times they can been seen kicking at the dirt and everyone running for the same ball, but all in all we love it. Of course Paul and his patience is funny. He is more into the bigger boys playing and tries to watch them in between cheering on Collin. We'll get him out there coaching before we know it and he can keep working on his patience skills. Poor little Logan though is beside himself that he doesn't get to play. Even at practice he is always steeling the batting helmets, bats, extra gloves and balls to play by himself. He always wants to have his turn! Oh well, we know he'll be amazing once they finally do let him out on the field someday.

Seattle-Spring Break 2008

So I had been promising Alexis that we would go and visit Aunt Mimmie and Ryan in Seattle ever since they moved there a year and a half ago. I left Collin and Logan home with Grandma Franks and just took Alexis and Slade. We went for over a week and had a blast. It was so weird to be without my crazy life for so long that I must admit I was dreading having to come home. Slade is such a good baby and with Alexis and Ryan playing nonstop Kim and I had so much fun. We went up to Bellevue shopping (and eating), to the movies to see Horton Hears a Who, out to eat some more, and to downtown Seattle to do some more fine dining and shopping (again). And while I don't condone it in anyway, I was realizing how nice it could be sometimes to be a Polygimist. Always having someone there to watch the kids, bathe the kids and help clean and cook and feed babies at the same time. Anyway, in between all our play time we talked non-stop about the baby boutique that Kim is going to open and all the fun ideas we have that I know she is going to do so well. I am just jealous that I can't move up there to help her out and partner with her. Well, here are a couple of pictures from our trip! Slade on his first plane ride (that he could comprehend) and the kiddos on the water downtown.