Wednesday, April 9, 2008

T-Ball Season 2008

Well, baseball has begun. Paul is in heaven to have his first son start off playing the best sport known to man! Collin is such a cutie. The little boys out on the field are actually doing well and trying hard. Of course a lot of times they can been seen kicking at the dirt and everyone running for the same ball, but all in all we love it. Of course Paul and his patience is funny. He is more into the bigger boys playing and tries to watch them in between cheering on Collin. We'll get him out there coaching before we know it and he can keep working on his patience skills. Poor little Logan though is beside himself that he doesn't get to play. Even at practice he is always steeling the batting helmets, bats, extra gloves and balls to play by himself. He always wants to have his turn! Oh well, we know he'll be amazing once they finally do let him out on the field someday.

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