Monday, April 21, 2008

Collin is 5-March 24th

WOW time flies!! I can't believe baby number 2 is finally 5. He is so excited to start kindergarten and keeps asking every day if he gets to go. To think he started out such a shy little boy. When he first started to go to nursery at church he would scream (literally) for the entire time. We would have to sit in there with him and he would hang onto us the whole time and barely play. Now if you know him he is almost the class clown. He is the one in Primary raising his hand for every question. Even at the Primary program his class did sign language and he was up there doing the actions like it was his second language. Collin is such a joy to us (yes he can be a little whiny sometimes), but he is so smart and such a good brother and friend. It is so nice to see how kids grow up and you finally realize that they know how to play together and be friends and help eachother out. And for his birthday Grandpa made him a baseball cake. Grandpa has a new hobby (for the last year anyway) where he makes homemade ice cream birthday cakes. Collin was so excited and it was nice that the whole family was able to get together to celebrate this year.

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