Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun at the Lake

Alexis and Macy
Slade and his treasures

So growing up we spent probably every weekend at the lake waterskiing. We would all get up really early in the morning (6ish) so we could get to the lake and stake out the best spot and start skiing before the rest of the world came along. We would ski and swim until we were exhausted and come home when the sun started to set. Those were the days!

So Saturday we decided to head out to the lake for the first time in 2 years. What is up with that??? It seems every summer I am pregnant or have a new baby and while we may go once or twice we certainly don't get enough use out of my parents boat. Not to mention they never seem to stay in town long enough to plan any type of outing. Also, it seems like such a hassle with so many kids. By the time you make sure everyone has swimsuits, sunblock, t-shirts, diapers/swimmers, plenty of drinks, snacks, lunch, etc.etc. who wants to go anyway....

We arrive at the lake and Grandpa decided to take all the little kids out first to try the tube. They had been gone for an awfully long time when we finally saw them being towed back to the dock. Yeah for us. We even had Alexis all excited to start waterskiing and unfortunately never had the chance since the cable to the battery ripped off. Well, all in all it really made us realize that even though it is a little work the lake is a blast and all the kids had fun romping around in the lake for hours! Even little Slade was having a great time collecting cigarette butts and beer bottle caps and playing with the ashes in the bbq grills - YUCK! Better luck next time...