Sunday, September 28, 2008


So at my mom's house the other day it was soooo hot (of course) and the kids just wanted to be outside. The sprinklers were on and Slade didn't want anything to do with them, but was trying to lick the ground and play in the tiny bit of water that was there. After awhile of him doing this I decided to pull out the hose (which he LOVES) and let him play in it. Next thing you know here comes big brother Logan and I figured this was going to be a problem. Logan usually likes to take things from Slade and of course it just makes him mad. Well, apparently not this time. Logan kept filling his mouth up with water - YUM - and squirting it in Slade's face. He thought it was the funniest thing ever. They did this for a really long time until Logan actually got bored and then Slade was mad he left him. It was cute to see them playing together and having a good time. Let's hope they turn out to be best friends!

The Scorpion King

So my parents house is in one of those great zipcodes in AZ that has scorpions. No matter what time of year it is you can go outside with the blacklight and find some. Big, buff, brave Paul is OBSESSED with the little buggers. He hates to take off his shoes when we are there and is always combing their house for the "cute" little creatures. Most all of our family have been bitten at some point in our lives (my mom being the winner!) and have lived to tell the tale. Of course we worry about the kids but so far we have been lucky until last night.

We were at my parents house while Alexis was at dance and were going to go watch the ballet in the park in the evening. When I got back to the house we were rushing around heading out the door when Collin screamed. My mom looked down and we saw a lovely little scorpion right in the middle of the kitchen floor inches from all of us, Slade included. Well, on top of having tired and hungry kids it certainly made for a little drama. We put Collin's foot in a sink of cold water, I called poison control just to make sure I knew what would happen for a child, and we waited.

After a little while and Collin crying that his foot hurt we gave him some Motrin for the pain and headed home to chill out. By the time we got home he was still complaining that his foot was tingly and I put him to bed hoping that he would be alright. I never heard a peep out of him and when I checked on him before I went to bed he seemed fine.

The best part was that he woke up happy and said his foot didn't hurt anymore and seemed so relieved. Anyway, moral of the story is that scorpion stings don't feel that good, but you'll live. We just keep telling Collin that he is the Scorpion King now and he has special powers just like Spider Man. And now maybe dad can chill out about them a little!

Just a little example of what stung Collin!

Soccer Season

Last week was Alexis and Collin's first soccer game of the season. Collin is on a team this year with most of his friends from last year and they're called the "Tigers". We even signed Alexis up for the first year and her team is the "Pink Pandas" (leave it to a bunch of girls to pick the name).

Collin's game was at 7:30 in the morning and he had a great time running around and even scored a goal. He was so proud of himself for working so hard and I hope he keeps up his happy attitude all season. And as long as he's having fun that's all that matters!

Alexis started out having a blast with her team in practice. Her coach is great and really works the girls hard. They have to practice 1-1/2 hours twice a week. She's also playing with 8 and 9 year-olds and I think it's great for her to be challenged since she's so competetive! Only problem came to the game and even though it was at 10am it was miserably hot. The poor thing could barely run around and ran out of her water before the game was half over. Let's just hope the weather here in sunny AZ cools off soon!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Slade 15 months

So I know I am behind, but at least the pictures are from when he was 15 months...I just love this little guy! Every day I am amazed with how much he is learning and growing (well not really growing since is is by far my skinniest kid, but still). I love pulling the camera out on him because he is always smiling. Not that I think the pictures are too different because he really is always happy. Of course his only unpleasant screaming noises come when I won't let him wander the house with my blow dryer or curling irons or hand mixer because he certainly thinks he runs the ship. Which of course he does since I can't resist chasing after him and rolling on the floor playing with him. He started giving kisses and isn't above coming back to give you dozens at a time. He is always so used to having at least me and Logan around that if Logan is sleeping while he is awake he knows where to go and find him and I have to chase him up and down the hall to get him to stay out of his room. Oh well, how can you blame him since he isn't used to being alone. I still wonder how since he was born weighing in at 9 pounds 2 ounces, that he is barely topping the scales at just over 20 pounds. Of course since he has been crawling since 5-1/2 months what do we expect, he's working hard to keep his weight down. (don't we all wish it was that easy!)

Crazy Monsoon

So a couple of weeks ago the kids came home from school just in time for a crazy burst of Monsoon weather. Don't we just love AZ? Within a matter of a few minutes our backyard was flooded and I told the kids to run and get on their swimsuits. For those who don't get to experience a monsoon it is amazing. Most of the time they happen at night so the kids don't get to enjoy watching all the thunder and lightning and the cool clouds that roll in, but this time it was perfect. They all went out and ran laps back and forth through the water splashing and getting covered in the lovely grass. I think Slade actually enjoyed himself the most. He just kept running back and forth through the yard until his diaper was hanging down to his knees. And the best part about it was that with the monsoon's happening in the summer it's nice and hot and humid so no one got cold. Gotta love simple pleasures!

All I Want For Christmas...

Is my two front teeth...After months (literally) of wiggling her two front teeth we finally got them out. Saturday night one was hanging on by a thread that I was afraid to let her go to sleep since I didn't want it to come out and she swallow it. Sunday the other one was so loose that we kept calling her the snaggle toothed witch. By that night we got her to get it out and both her new ones were even starting to peek out. It made me sad though because it seems once they lose those teeth they are no longer your little babies. She has always looked like my little girl and now you don't know how they will grow in. But even if she needs braces she'll never go back to that little girl look ever again. (One more thing to make me feel old I guess!)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Passing of a friend....

So we arrived at church on Sunday and were told that a member of our ward had been killed in a tragic car accident on his way back from working in LA. His name was Matt Bachrach and he was an amazing person. Paul and I have only know a few people to ever pass away and this has really hit us hard. It has made us realize how fragile life is and how we should all live for today and not take things for granted. Paul really thought the world of Matt and how much they had in common. Matt left behind his wife Brenda, their 6 year-old son Brigham, 3 year-old son Hunter and Brenda is also 8 months pregnant with another son. They were such a wonderful couple and Paul would often say on Sunday's that we should call the Bachrach's and see what Matt was making for dinner because he was such a great cook. He was the life of a party. Very fun loving and one amazing piano player. Paul would always ask him to play and he was one of those people who couldn't read music, but just sat down and played and it always touched you somehow. I think so highly of Brenda and what a great mother she is and how wonderful her children are. Brigham is already like a little man and just talking to him you think he is a lot more grown up than he is. Little Hunter is a doll. Brenda calls him her family cheerleader and he really is. Everything to him always seems so exciting! I know that Matt has been given a greater purpose to be called back to our Father in Heaven so soon, but I know he is also up there talking to his unborn son and making sure he will come down and look out for his mom and brothers. We will certainly miss him!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brunette Beauty

Little Miss "sparkly". A little overdone sometimes, but what can I do? I know I have created a monster. The other morning we were getting ready for school and she started to tell me she wasn't pretty enough. Now come on. I know we are only 7, but seriously does this have to start already? After trying to tell her all the things about her that were wonderful without coming right out and saying "you are gorgeous" (like you have pretty eyes and a wonderful smile, you're a good friend and a good sister, etc.) she said she wasn't pretty unless she could be sparkly. YIKES! Oh well, I keep trying to tone it down, but with a house full of rhinestones and sparkles it's a little hard. Anyway, she is certainly lots of fun and is never at a lack for decorating everything she comes in contact with! (Good thing she doesn't decorate her little brothers!)