Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crazy Monsoon

So a couple of weeks ago the kids came home from school just in time for a crazy burst of Monsoon weather. Don't we just love AZ? Within a matter of a few minutes our backyard was flooded and I told the kids to run and get on their swimsuits. For those who don't get to experience a monsoon it is amazing. Most of the time they happen at night so the kids don't get to enjoy watching all the thunder and lightning and the cool clouds that roll in, but this time it was perfect. They all went out and ran laps back and forth through the water splashing and getting covered in the lovely grass. I think Slade actually enjoyed himself the most. He just kept running back and forth through the yard until his diaper was hanging down to his knees. And the best part about it was that with the monsoon's happening in the summer it's nice and hot and humid so no one got cold. Gotta love simple pleasures!

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Becca said...

WOW! That is a lot of water! I also have let the kids play outside in the rain evertime it has rained in the day time. They love it! They played it in a little on Saturday, but it was barely sprinkling..They just loved it because it was "cool" outside and a little rainy!