Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brunette Beauty

Little Miss "sparkly". A little overdone sometimes, but what can I do? I know I have created a monster. The other morning we were getting ready for school and she started to tell me she wasn't pretty enough. Now come on. I know we are only 7, but seriously does this have to start already? After trying to tell her all the things about her that were wonderful without coming right out and saying "you are gorgeous" (like you have pretty eyes and a wonderful smile, you're a good friend and a good sister, etc.) she said she wasn't pretty unless she could be sparkly. YIKES! Oh well, I keep trying to tone it down, but with a house full of rhinestones and sparkles it's a little hard. Anyway, she is certainly lots of fun and is never at a lack for decorating everything she comes in contact with! (Good thing she doesn't decorate her little brothers!)

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Becca said...

GIRLS! hehe! She cracks me up! She and Macey are SOO much alike! That makes me laugh!