Monday, June 29, 2009

Must Try Dessert!

So I have been doing this healthy eating/fitness competition for 5 weeks now. Yes I can tell a difference in my clothes, but I have only lost about 5 pounds. Rules for the competition are NO sugar, 64oz fluid, healthy snacks, take a multi-vitamin, healthy proportioned breakfast/lunch/dinner, and 45 min of excercise, etc. We get 10 points per day and Sunday's are a freebie. Well, let's just say I go for broke on Sunday's. Not good, but hey I have to make up for a week of using all my willpower to be good (and let's just say there is a LOT of willpower going on!)

Anyway, my sister found this recipe for homemade smores a couple of weeks ago on picky palate and I made them yesterday. Now, I am not a huge fan of smores, but these are made with a cookie for the top and the bottom. Let's just say DEVINE! A definate must try if you like all the yummy goodness inside. Oozing Chocolate Chip Cookie S'more Sandwiches

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Father's and Son's

So I am totally out of sync with my blog but I forgot to post about the boys Father's and Son's outing. This was the first year I was able to send all the boys so Alexis and I could have girl time. Unfortunately Alexis was pretty sick so she went to Grandma's house to lay on her couch while I went out to dinner with the girls. The boys had a great time though and enjoyed getting as dirty as possible. And what's more fun for boys than being completely dirty. Thank goodness for baby wipes to get them through.

Lake Part 2 Video Added

Not much better going on so we headed up to the lake again. This time we prepped Alexis enough to have a go. And what should happen, but the little wonder got up on her 1st try. AMAZING!! She went out and tried 3 times and every time she got up. She took directions from Papa so well that when he told her to stay sitting down with her knees bent she really listened. From then on she was too scared to stand all the way up. Who cares though because she did it! YAHOO! Now next week she said she would try even harder. In all the years my dad taught all of our friends and people from church we don't think anyone has been able to do it on their first try. She certainly doesn't take after her mother! Her Daddy is the natural athlete :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Lake

We spent our lives growing up at the lake waterskiing. I was never very good, but at least liked to get out there and try. I was great at being pulled along behind the boat but always hated doing anything crazy. Every time I did I always seemed to do some crazy crash that resulted in my eyeballs being pushed to the back of my brain. Anyway, I did finally learn to wakeboard some years back and now can't even seem to get up on one ski anymore let alone 2. It hasn't helped though that over the last few years lake outings have been few and far between. Let's hope that this summer is different and we can get the kids to give it a try.

One of my parents first dates was waterskiing. And while my mom just turned 65 and my dad almost 67. I must say they still got it! Even my grandpa skiied into his 70's.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last Day of School

We finally ended another year of school. With this whole modified year round schedule it's hard to hang in there for so long. It's weird that this year we got out in June and have to go back in July. I just seems wrong somehow. Anyway it was a fabulous year and we absolutely LOVED the kids teachers. I must say that one of my favorite grades is Kindergarten. With the school system offering all day kindergarten it is kind of hard on the stamina of the little ones, but by the end of the year they seem so grown up. I am continually amazed to watch them grow so much so quickly it seems. They go into school seeming to know almost nothing and then come out able to do so much-the biggest accomplishment being reading. I love that Collin all of a sudden can read almost anything. All the billboards and signs around town and even my emails. (oops, time to be careful now just in case-j/k) One of my favorites was a few weeks ago we were at dinner at my parents house and Logan was acting crazy and I said geez Logan settle down you must have ADD. And Collin pipes in with why does Logan have to add? We were so taken aback and all had a good laugh!

Collin and his teacher Mrs. Thompson

Ethan and Collin

Alexis also had a great year and her teacher was also fantastic! She is suddenly my little bookworm and while it took her awhile to get into the chapter books (which is what they try to focus more on in 2nd grade) she always has her nose in a book and was often getting into trouble at school for always reading (pretty funny to be getting in trouble for reading I thought). Her teacher just said that they are always encouraged to read when they have spare time and sometimes Alexis would try and finish what she was reading instead of finish her work first. We are so proud of her though and I was even more surprised with all she learned in 2nd grade. She learned all her times tables and was even doing some long division. I specifically remember learing all that in 3rd grade and here she is already a year ahead of where I was at her age. Alexis is such a joy at school though and has lots of friends. She never wants anyone to feel left out and is always running around in big groups with lots of fun girls. Let's hope it always stays that way!

Alexis and Mrs. Johnson

Alexis, Kate and Harley