Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Lake

We spent our lives growing up at the lake waterskiing. I was never very good, but at least liked to get out there and try. I was great at being pulled along behind the boat but always hated doing anything crazy. Every time I did I always seemed to do some crazy crash that resulted in my eyeballs being pushed to the back of my brain. Anyway, I did finally learn to wakeboard some years back and now can't even seem to get up on one ski anymore let alone 2. It hasn't helped though that over the last few years lake outings have been few and far between. Let's hope that this summer is different and we can get the kids to give it a try.

One of my parents first dates was waterskiing. And while my mom just turned 65 and my dad almost 67. I must say they still got it! Even my grandpa skiied into his 70's.


Whitny said...

wow that looks like fun. Wouldn't know personally. Nathan made me try like 11 times one year at Pleasant. It was not so pleasant. I never got up. I am a big weakling. He was pretty disappointed.
Your kids look so cute.

Marissa and Allen Muir said...

I miss the lake :( at least ones with out alligators.

Becca said...

How fun! I love how intense Collin looks in the last picture!