Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lake Part 2 Video Added

Not much better going on so we headed up to the lake again. This time we prepped Alexis enough to have a go. And what should happen, but the little wonder got up on her 1st try. AMAZING!! She went out and tried 3 times and every time she got up. She took directions from Papa so well that when he told her to stay sitting down with her knees bent she really listened. From then on she was too scared to stand all the way up. Who cares though because she did it! YAHOO! Now next week she said she would try even harder. In all the years my dad taught all of our friends and people from church we don't think anyone has been able to do it on their first try. She certainly doesn't take after her mother! Her Daddy is the natural athlete :)


Marissa and Allen Muir said...

Yeah Lexi! I don't know if I would even be able to get up anymore. Hopefully it's like riding a bike and it never really goes away.

Whitny said...

I love the pic at the top of the blog. Just precious.