Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

Yesterday we were invited up to our friends Stacey and Gary to make Gingerbread houses. We met them while living in D.C. Stacey and I were in the same singles ward before meeting our husbands and then being in the same married ward together. Both Paul and Gary are converts to the church and even yesterday Paul mentioned how even when you don't see them in awhile it's like picking up where you left off like it was no big deal. They are wonderful people and very giving. To think they finally moved here almost two years ago and we haven't seen them in over a year. Granted they live ALL THE WAY up in Paradise Valley, but that's no excuse right? We love them and always have a fun time getting together.

Anyway, while Stacey and I were in the Colonial Ward together she was in charge of making the gingerbread houses for our Super Saturday. Let's just say I was hooked. What's Christmas without a Gingerbread House? Not to mention she has been doing them for over 30 years with her family so they have the system down. She has the perfect little template and her gingerbread is out of this world good (and for those of you who know I am a picky cook, you know it has to be good!)

Stacey made enough gingerbread houses for our whole family (me included) and another family and the kids had a blast. Alexis, "Miss Crafty", couldn't have been more pleased adding to her house for hours. She was in love with Stacey and was always having her help add the special touches.

Thanks Stacey (and Gary) for a fabulous day!

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