Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is there a Santa Clause?

For those with young kids who like to read people's blogs please censor.....

So Alexis comes home from school the other day telling me that her friend Bailey doesn't believe in Santa. Well, this is the time of year in school where they are learning about all different types of holidays, etc. so I ask does she celebrate Hanukkah? She says, "No mom she celebrates Christmas she just doesn't believe in Santa." So I drop the subject.

Well, then she comes home yesterday and asks, "Mom, are you Santa?" I say, "Do I look like Santa?" So we go back and forth with tell me the truth mom, do you dress up like Santa, does dad? At this point I am sooo upset! My daughter is only 7 and this perfect world of life is wonderful and the holidays are magical, etc. etc. can not end already. She has always acted older/bigger than she is,. but I am not ready for my little one to ruin Christmas! (Mainly for me!)


dustin and amy said...

What did you tell her???? Brock is starting that, but he's nine. It makes me so sad!

Ally said...

yo..I saw the family pics on Blue Lily..she is just down the street from me. She did a great job, I really like her style..kinda faded. Just a head's up...we are moving to Utah..I'll email you the details! It's good though..altough, how do I ever leave Cali???