Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Can't believe it!!! Our little whiner (Collin) has mastered the two-wheeled bike! He is amazing....We still can't believe that for a boy he sure whines a lot. But, now that he has his cool new bike he refuses to ride it with the training wheels. We told him if he practiced on Alexis' old one (even though it was a GIRL bike) dad would take off the training wheels. I guess since Alexis and the two neighbor girls can do it he has to be like the big kids. So I got out there and ran up and down the street with him and within a matter of minutes he was doing awesome. Then we started having contests for him to get on it by himself and then go to the end of the street and turn around by himself. Anyway, within a couple of days we rode all the way down to Blockbuster and to get ice cream (a mile away) and he was able to go the whole way with no problem and was already up for doing it again the next day too. What a stud!

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