Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Slade is 1

Oh My Goodness!!! I really can't believe my itty bitty baby is 1. The end of sweet innocence are fading quickly. He is wonderful and we all love him to pieces. Coming out at a lovely 9 pounds 2 ounces, the little scrawny man is just 20 pounds now at a full year old. He is truly the happiest baby. He has been crawling since 6 months and now is already walking. Certainly a much more advanced baby than the other three. On Sunday Grandma Franks was here so we invited Mama and Papa over too to do a grandparents birthday celebration. Mama made him a little cake that he was all too UNinterested in. He touched it a little and made a couple of attempts to lick his fingers, but mostly it just made him mad that after a few minutes he just wanted it to go away so he was trying his best to throw it on the floor. Then, today was filled with wonderful fun adventures for the little man. He had a yummy breakfast of baby cereal and yogurt. Then we got to go visiting teaching and then home for a quick hour power nap. Mama called and asked if Slade would like to go out for lunch to NYPD pizza. Of couse since he is such an adventurous eater I brought along some more baby cereal and a jar of baby food. I did try and put a tiny piece of pizza in his mouth, but it just came right back out and he wouldn't buy me trying to do it again. Then we headed over to the mall where grandma bought him a brand new pair of sandals to run around in. Yeah for being the 3rd boy in a row and having something new! Then some running around to get girls from school, off to dance and then home again for some birthday purreed baby food and cereal again for dinner. I sure feel like a good mom, but what do you do when the kid won't eat real food and when he tries he just pukes it up. I will say though that we have started on Ritz crackers and Graham crackers and we are starting to get most of them in without throwing them up. Anyway, we love the little guy and are so glad Mister Happy is in our lives. Let's just hope he stays my sweet baby forever!


Kim said...

FINALLY! Where's my pictures?

Becca said...

I cannot believe he is a year old!!!!! I TOTALLY understand the eating thing..hehe!