Friday, February 22, 2008

Valentine's Day

Collin and Alexis were so excited about Valentines Day this year. Every time we went to the store Collin would look through all the Valentine's and pick out actual presents for his friends. I kept trying to explain to him that we just needed to pick out a box of cards, but he didn't think that was good enough for his friends. He was especially particular with a very special present for his favorite person Rilee Warner. Rilee babysits for us sometimes and on a few occassions Collin has told us he is in love with her. I told him that he can't be in love with her but he can like her and no kissing until after he gets home from his mission. He said, "Oh yeah mom, I forgot." Anyway, he was still very excited to get her something and so we picked out a box of Spiderman Chocolates that he liked. He did try to convince me though that the biggest heart box of chocolate would be better and maybe he should get her the Dancing Princesses because he knew she liked them the most. Anyway we delivered them on Valentines Day and when her brother opened the door he handed him the box and ran away. When I asked where Rilee was he said he didn't know that he just gave them to her brother and ran away. So basically he is shy about it.
Well, for dinner we went to my mom's for he usual Valentine's Day spaghetti (she makes it every because it is red-I didn't remember the tradition, but I guess my sister did). When we came home that night there was a special Valentine from Rilee left on the doorstep. It was a tin heart box that said "Hot 4 U" with red hots in it and a cute note. Collin was thrilled to say the least. Alexis was also very generous to the family. Mama took her shopping for Valentine's and she gave us all a heart box of chocolates and Slade a little teddy bear. She wrote us notes and thank you notes and drew us pictures too. Anything reason to be crafty is a good thing right?

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