Sunday, October 5, 2008

Disneyland - Fall Break 2008

As we were deciding what to do for fall break Paul was insisting we take the kids to Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm. I wasn't that thrilled to walk around for 3 days and was frankly surprised that he wanted to go so bad. I know I get stressed before we go since I feel we still have 2 little kids that I am worried will be able to hang in there for that long, but knowing that we will have a great time.

Anyway, we get to Disneyland before it opens on Monday and as we are getting ready to go in it starts pouring rain. I figure, no big deal, at least it's not 100 degrees. Well, as the day goes on it's a little humid, but tolerable and the kids did awesome. We even made Collin go on Space Mountain and the Matterhorn which he wasn't too thrilled about. We're still wondering how he is such a chicken and Alexis can't seem to get enough of them.

On Tuesday we head over to California Adventure and run over to do all the big roller coasters first. It was great! Alexis have so much fun on California Screamin and got to go on all the rides twice as often as we did since either Paul or I would stay with the little ones and then come down and take turns running back up with Alexis. Unfortunately, that day it was 100 degrees and no clouds in the sky and frankly quite miserable for tired little legs. They were good troopers though and it was a good thing Bug's World had lots of water to cool off in. I even made Collin and Alexis go with me on the Tower of Terror (because Paul was a chicken!) and needless to say even Alexis said she would never go on that again. Poor me!!

Wednesday I got talked in to going to Knotts Berry Farm and before heading in someone told us to go and have breakfast at the restaurant outside the park first because it was so good. Well, we did and it definately was. Fresh biscuits and gravy for your appetizer (which I don't normally eat but they were divine!) fresh Belgium waffles and fresh strawberries and cream (everyone's favorite)! We headed into the park and we rented a stroller for Logan since his legs weren't moving very well. The park was so dead that we were able to let the kids go on tons of rides over and over again. We even made Collin do a few of the roller coasters since he was tall enough (lucky him!) I hadn't been to Knotts Berry Farm in so long that I forgot how many fun rides there were. The bad part was that it was still 100 degrees and miserable, but the best part was that with no lines at all we rode every ride at least 2-3 if not 4 times and still ended up leaving at 3 since poor Logan and Collin were on the verge of heat exhaustion. Oh well, we learned our lesson that from now on we go on vacation the 2nd week of fall break in hopes that the weather is a little cooler.

I don't think anyone is very excited!Trick - or - Treat!Who cares about rain when you're in the happiest place on earth???

Someone's mom and dad aren't very nice! (But the Matterhorn can be sooo much fun!)

Have thumb, will travel - anywhere, anytime!


Becca said...

WOW..sounds like you had fun! Glad you guys went! I am SOOOO glad that we only have 1 week of Fall Break! I cannot believe it was that hot there..what a bummer! Glad you got to go and have fun though!

The Lemmermann's said...

That is so fun!!! I am sure your kids were in heaven!!!