Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I only have one and I am so grateful for her. I guess that's why I am so bummed Alexis only has brothers, but hopefully she can be close to her cousins and she will have lots of good friends throughout her life. I just happened to be going through pictures to go back and update my blog and came across this picture of my sis and I that I wanted to post to let her know I miss and love her! And sad we won't get to spend a week at the beach together since she has to sit home pregnant with her 3rd girl.


Kym said...

I always wanted to have a sister instead of a stinky brother, but now I've got lots of cute sister-in-laws! ;-)

Kim said...

I love you and miss you too!!! It really sucks living so far apart, but it's so nice that we stay close regardless. Believe me, i'm so bummed we can't come to the beach. I LOVE YOU!!

kate said...
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Mary Davis said...

what a cut picture of you two!

Jacalyn said...

I have no sisters but consider her my sister too. Thanks for sharing her with me. I love her lots!!

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