Sunday, June 1, 2008

Preschool is over!

Collin finished up preschool with Miss Stacey on Friday. He did so awesome!! He loved Miss Stacey and always looked forward to getting his turn to go to school. He made lots of friends there and loved to learn. Miss Stacey really helped him learn to start reading and work on his letters. Sad to say that his handwriting is at least 1000 times better than Alexis' was at this age. (Thankfully hers has greatly improved-most of the time anyway). Collin is also so good at coloring (another struggle for Alexis at this age). Anyway, he is so excited to go off to Kindergarten and be in the big school with Alexis. We will greatly miss Miss Stacey and her daughter Britney, who helped out in school, and his friends. Let's hope they are still there (and have room) when Logan gets to go next year! Collin and Miss Stacey.

Collin and friends.


{jennifer} said...

Ok so I was blog hopping (again) and found your blog and even though you published this a few weeks ago I have to comment. That way I am not lurking:) Cute pictures of the kids and I can't believe you are lucky enough to have 2 kids in real school and 1 in preschool next year! Wahoo!!!!

Becca said...

Your kids look so big! I cannot wait until school gets back in though...ehhehe!

Ally said...

Kristen-what is happening my friend. I've had your blog listed forever but keep forgetting to get in touch. Hope all is well. Visit our little blog at