Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dancing Queen

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Alexis with her friend Kamryn Bunker and their dads.

Alexis in her ballet costumes with Olivia and her friend (the "big" girls!)

Alexis and the "Jailhouse Rock" tap girls.

Savannah, Calabria, Alexis, Halle and Ella
Alexis with her teachers Miss Chelsea and Miss Cheney

Dance is over!!!! While I thought I would be thrilled about this I have of course been sucked in again with how wonderful she has done this last year and am really going to miss Alexis dancing. For awhile now she would complain about going to dance, but once she got there you couldn't get her to leave. She has really blossomed and it was so much fun to watch her shake her "groove thang" up on the stage. After last year in dance they felt she had improved so much that she made the Mini Knockout group (and group of all the top dancers in the "Sparklers" and "Firecracker" groups). This of course added 2 more hours of dance a week on top of our already 4 hours we had been doing the previous year. A couple of months into dance the whole carpool thing wasn't working for me and Alexis would complain that all her friends got to take tap and she realllllyyyyy wanted to. (Yes, it had been her favorite class, but I felt she was already over danced as it was!) Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures. I especially love how when she dances she is always singing and making such serious "Dancing Queen" faces as she is trying so hard to get into her little characters. I only wish we had videos of all her dances. We even forced Paul to do the "Dad's Dance" with her. And much to his protesting it was actually pretty good and Alexis was THRILLED!

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Becca said...

MAN! She is so cute! 6 hours of dance though! I might shoot myself! My girls only go once a week for an hour, and I am sick of it by the first month, but they LOVE it! Seriously you should just bring your boys here and hang while she is at dance!