Monday, July 21, 2008

Collin and Alexis at the beach-June

So now that my family is too big it seems I am not invited to the beach as I once was. This year my parents took Collin and Alexis and I got to stay home in this lovely heat with Logan and Slade. While I was pretty sad thinking I was going to be busy with the two crazies it actually turned out to be pretty good. Paul and I sure realized that it doesn't matter that it is our two hardest kids, just that it is only 2 and not 4 and life sure is easy when a couple of kids are missing. I invited myself over to my friend Jennifer's house one day and the boys had lots of naps and Paul and I even made it out to lunch and dinner a couple of times (and even Costco) with the 4 of us. Now we only had to think about how crazy life was really going to be when the other 2 returned. (Pictures will follow soon!)

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