Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me (July 9th)

So what a birthday. Ever since I turned 30 (only 5 years ago, YIKES!) let's face it birthday's have not been something I have looked forward to. It's the middle of the summer and everyone is gone and Paul is usually working and I am either pregnant or have a new baby and it's too hot to really go out. Well, this year was different.....sort of. When I moved out to Virginia and in with my friend Heather we started throwing each other birthday parties. Her's was Cinco de Mayo and it was always fun to get the friends together for dinner or what have you. And mine was in the dead of the lovely humid summer so we would either go dancing, to dinner or even a swimming party once I met Paul.

This year Heather and her friend Janet were exhibiting in the Atlanta Home and Gift Show and I decided to invite myself along. As some of you know I started a business making hair clips. I am in a showroom in LA and I figured since I would have a place to stay I would go to Atlanta to try and find another wholesale warehouse and maybe some new ideas. Well, there ended up being 3 different buildings, one with 20 floors, one with 18 floors and one with 14 floors. I walked, and walked, and walked and walked some more until each and every day I couldn't feel my feet. I would have thought I would lose 10 pounds in the process, but with Heather and Janet's booth being right next to Gourmet Foods, apparently that didn't happen. It was nice though to have some girl time and we all had a blast spending the days and nights laughing and having fun. I also formed myself lots of new business titles and hope to expand on them some day. For instance: Sterling Pear (their company) director of "Sparkle", Personal Shopper, Gourmet Food taster, and Personal Designer (my new favorite!) With so much fun, and so many nice people and so many wonderful catalogs I even had to buy a new bag to bring them all home. Now I just need to figure out how to make all my many new talents work and keep tabs on my contacts. (I am always open for suggestions!)

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Becca said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! Are you going to put them on a website??? You should! I talked to Quinn, and he says he has no clue how to do it, but there are LOTS of people who do!