Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Day of School July 28th

Aren't they cute!

My 2nd baby is growing up!

Too smart and pretty for her own good (with a little sass on the side!)

Who can believe we are actually sending the kids back to school in JULY!!! It just seems wrong. Granted we get 2+ weeks in October and 2 more in March, but still. It is only 100+ degrees outside and here in the ever sunny AZ we should still be at the pool. Anyway, Collin was so excited to start school and go to the big school with Alexis. He was so excited to pick out school clothes and get himself ready for his first day. Alexis is of course so grown up and the first day hardly seemed like a big deal. She was glad to go and see her friends, but would have loved to have a few (or a lot) more beach days. Collin's teacher this year is Mrs. Thompson and Alexis's teacher is Mrs. Johnson. They both seem so wonderful and I know they will both do great and learn a lot! I of course had to go into school with them and walk them to their classes and I loved that Collin got a little nervous once we got there and wanted me to walk right in with him to his desk. It's always good to know that they still love you and want you to look out for them! Love you guys!!


Amber said...

I can't believe you have 2 children in school?!!?!?!? How did you get to be so old? At least you have a perfectly beautiful family.

Becca said...

YEAH for school! I am so looking forward to next year! I will have all three in all day! What will I do?? I am sure I can find something!