Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Logan (July 11th)

Our little daredevil!
Happy Birthday to Logan and Sam!

Nothing better than blowing out their own candles and making wishes!

They were so proud of their presents!

My little cutie turned 3 this year and what a firecracker he is. This year I was still in Atlanta so I wasn't able to spend the day with him. So when I came home my friend Jennifer Powell and I threw our boys a birthday party. Sam and Logan's birthdays are only a few days apart so it was easier to get all the kids together instead of doing 2 seperate parties. We found a friend who had a bouncy rental company so we got a water slide and had hot dogs and cupcakes. Some of the kids were a little timid at first, but overall they all had such a good time. It's so funny to see these little things sail down the waterslide. Thanks to everyone who made it!

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Becca said...

Sounds like fun! Remember when we did that for Natalie's birthday! It was such a blast! Such a fun time to spend a summer birthday!