Friday, November 21, 2008

Halloween 2008

Nothing like trick-or-treating when it's at least 80 degrees (at night). We had such a fun night with the kiddos though running around getting candy. I was a little disgusted though when I came home and we put all the candy together. I have a huge silver mixing bowl that I dumped all the candy into and let's just say it was overflowing (wish I had a picture). Even worse though was that the kids were so obsessed over it and must have divided it up at least 3 times. Thankfully though after a few days I was able to bag up most of it and hide it away and the three oldest put theirs in some jars. Hopefully they will forget about it! I was trying to not spend much on costumes this year so I had Alexis wear one of her old dance costumes from last year (which happened to be her favorite) so we turned her into a funky kitty. We did buy Collin's since for some reason he HAD to be a RED Power Ranger - thank you Target. Logan was fine being Buzz Lightyear. I had bought the costume for Collin when he was little off the clearance rack at the Disney store and it is Logan's absolute favorite. He was always wanting to wear it in the middle of the summer when it was 100+ degrees outside. So nice too since I think the costume is made out of plastic. I couldn't let him wear it for very long since he would always be sweating so bad, but what can you do? And Mr. Slade was a dog. Same thing that Collin and Logan were at 1. Yeah for hand-me-downs!

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