Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Piano Recital

Logan, Tatum, Noelle, Alexis and Collin

My mom has been so nice to start Alexis on weekly piano lessons. Once she got started her friends Tatum (Gooch) and Noelle (Brooks) got in on the action and they are all doing so well. It's so nice that Grandma has to make weekly visits to teach these cute girls. (Even Collin and Logan have started to want lessons too.)
So my mom thought it would be fun to do a little recital together so they could all perform for eachother. Alexis made sure they all got dressed up for the occasion and we even had treats to celebrate. Who doesn't need excuses for a party right?


Julie said...

o.k. loving the pictures of the recital...that was so nice of your mom to do that and so cute they were....Thanks
Also loving the pictures of the boys...I am going to steal them from your blog to put on mine...I hope you don't mind...They came out so clear!!

Becca said...

Sweet! That's what Grandmas are for!!!

Kelly said...

How cute! The kids are so grown up! I LOVE your family pictures! Your boys are so cute, they look like little models! And Lexi is so pretty! :) You have a cute family! I have missed you visiting my blog! Hope you are well!