Thursday, February 12, 2009

2nd Grade Field Trip to the Zoo

Alexis, Harley, Kiana and Haley

Alexis had her field trip to the zoo today so Logan, Slade and I tagged along. It was fun running around the zoo with Alexis and her friends enjoying the nice weather and letting the kids experience the zoo since we haven't been since before Slade was born. And don't you just love digital cameras...I let Alexis use my camera so all the pictures (except the ones with her in them) she took. I was pretty impressed and it was fun to see her do such a good job. Also, Logan and I have a routine of reading stories before nap time and lately we have been reading lots of books with animals in them. So today it was fun looking out for some of his favorites.


Becca said...

She did do a good job! Glad you guys had fun!

Kelly said...

Such A sweet pretty Girl!I miss seeing her every sunday with her cute outfits and sparkle!

dustin and amy said...

Great pictures, she really did a good job! Thanks so much for teaching me how to make cinnimon rolls! Dustin loved them.