Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I LOVE Valentine's Day! Not that anything special ever happens, but it's just one of the happiest days of the year. Having kids in school is extra exciting. I got the idea for Collin's Valentines box off of my friend Ally's blog where she used her Diet Coke 12-pack box so of course I had to scour the neighborhood for one and found some wrapping paper that would work (a little girly and actually old Christmas paper, but he was fine with it). He even decorated the sides and loved what we came up with.

Alexis got to make her cute bucket at school and even got to have a pink chocolate fountain for her party. I wish I could have been there because she had a blast and there were so many "fancy" things they got to do.

Then on Saturday, Valentine's Day, I made heart shaped cinnamon rolls. I made them extra gooey and added lots of yummy cream cheese icing. Then they went to a primary party where they had more sugar and we even had heart shaped pizza for dinner! What a "LOVE"ly day!


Becca said...

Those look cool! I cannot make bread, so to make shaped bread would be impossible, but that is totally cute!

Kelly said...

Wow! The cinnamon rolls look to die for! You are so talented, and such a creative sweet mom!

Ally said...

Nice, great BOX! Love are you guys? Coming to AZ in 3 days..hook up for lunch???