Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Collin

My sweet boy has turned 6. What a fun and happy kid (most of the time.) Some things we love about Collin.

1. He LOVES his sister and brothers.
2. He loves to play soccer and baseball and is actually getting pretty good. (A big change from the first year he did both when he could care less.)
3. He wanted to be like the big girls (Alexis and her friends) and play the piano. He's doing a great job!
4. He LOVES to play his DS and Wii.
5. He has the best laugh. He giggles and LOVES to pretend to hate your tickles so you will give him more.
6. He LOVES primary and participating. He is the first one to raise his hand even if he doesn't know the answer. This is from the child we had to sit in nursery with for 6 months because he would scream bloody murder if we even looked at the door.
7. Loves to ride bikes and play outside with friends.
8. Was determined to do the monkey bars like Alexis so tried and tried until he could do it. Now he is such a pro he has permanent blisters.
9. His favorite color is RED (and sometimes all the colors he says just not pink or purple or anything with sparkles!)
10. His favorite foors are pizza and spaghetti. He loves his dad's breakfast sandwiches and most anything sweet! Although he is my best eater by far. Most everything I make he compliments me and says it is the best thing ever! (I must have one fan around at all times I suppose!)
11. He LOVES to play with Legos, Transformers, Bionicles and now Bakugan. There is something about boys and their ability to learn these things and actually be really good at them. (I am still trying to figure out some of his video games.)

We are so lucky to have Collin in our family. He is such a smart and wonderful boy and makes our life exciting with his love of everything! He certainly keeps us on our toes.


Marissa and Allen Muir said...

Happy Birthday Collin! The pictures are great. Did you take them?

Lorri said...

Dang, He's CUTE! Happy B-day Collin!

kelli said...

pretty pics!

Kim said...

I love the pictures! Lorri's right, he is CUTE!!!

Becca said...

He is SOOO CUTE! I cannot belive he is 6...wow..how time flies!

Mary Davis said...

It seems like yesterday we where pregnant with our boys....crazy!

Kelly said...

He is so BIG now! Very cute kid! And yes We would like some Homemade treats by Kristin. :)