Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break - St. Patrick's Day

So I am a little off and a little behind. (What's new!) For Spring Break me, Alexis and Slade, and my mom and aunt, went up to Seattle to see my favorite sister (and my only one, but who cares she is my favorite!) We had so much fun being together and while I talk to my sister 10 times a day it is nice to have her around for as long as I can.

While we were at her house the leprechauns came to visit. (I will admit I am a blog addict and found lots of cute ideas out in blog land!) The kids thought is was so cool. And while the naughty leprechauns leave golden chocolate all over the place, it's not so nice when the babies have fun breaking into all of it. Oh well, we quickly tried to find it all before any more chocolate ended up on their clothes. Notice how much Slade enjoyed it! We obviously didn't catch the chocolate addict fast enough. Especially when he is such a good climber and leaving him alone for 2 minutes had him rushing onto the counter top for his breakfast of more chocolate.

Slade and Peyton also had a blast together. Now we know what having twins are like. They became so comfortable with eachother we would find them hiding under the table eating their cereal together and lathering eachother up with Aquaphor and playing in any bottles or chemicals they could find. At least Peyton's love of stripping down and playing dress up in any clothing she finds lying around didn't rub off on him. (We just had a hard time getting him dressed at all even though we were always freezing!)

We were supposed to only do craft projects and go to the gym, but Seattle is a fun place and between going downtown and up to Snoqualmie Falls and running back and forth between my niece's preschool and dance we weren't too productive. Especially since I had 2, then 3, real estate deals going haywire while I was there so had to spend too much time sending out emails, contracts and living on my cell phone. I also didn't even do a very good job organizing her pantry this time, but hopefully I can go back and visit again soon! I now need a vacation from the vacation where I had to work the whole time.

We also introduced the little girls to Sephora. BAD MISTAKE! Well, maybe not....they had so much fun playing in the sparkles and I am not sure there was anything they missed trying on. And when we found another one downtown a few days after the first stop they couldn't wait to go back. Oops!


Becca said...

Who watched the other kids? Man! I am jelous! I cannot wait to go see my sister! I am glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE everything about Seattle! Glad you had a great time!

Ally said...

ummm, got your text 2 days ago.. have no idea when you sent it, but I think I was already back in California. I'll be down in July, so FOR SURE then for lunch. xoxo
And I know how you feel about sister's I SOOOOO wish that I was moving to AZ instead of Utah...I really miss my sis.